Publisher: Triunviratus Studios

Developer: Triunviratus Studios

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Platforms: PC



Unleash your true power by facing highly intelligent enemies and fierce beasts, from the blazing sands of Egypt to the marvelous streets of Constantinople. Explore the ancient world as you unravel the mysteries behind the fall of the Western Roman Empire in a rich plot inspired by historical facts.


Fire System

Fire has changed the course of history. Use the devastating properties of this elementum combined with the environment to annihilate your foes, spook animals and put into practice your combat pyromaniac strategies!

Advanced AI

The player will always have a different experience facing foes whose movements can never be predicted, seeking for the best approach to defeat you!

Dynamic Combat

In the ancient times, one had to survive by any means. Embrace the multiple ways of combat, such as sharp slashes and blunt strikes, finishings, strangling and weapon-throwing mechanics... and a moderate amount of fire! As the enemies have as much chance to succeed as you, make use of a huge arsenal of deadly gear, varying from slicing blades such as sickles and gladius to crude maces and gigantic halberds, as you shed the blood of your enemies on the sands.


The people of Rome are thirsty for blood... and so are the beasts! Ferocious animals will often trouble your journey. Since wolfpacks hunting you down, until aquatic creatures lurking amidst murky waters!

Stealth System

A good soldier always knows when to take a quieter approach. Take advantage of your surroundings to eliminate your enemies without making a sound. But be mindful: everything that composes the scenario may cause sound if stumbled upon and denounce your position!


Explore different biomes from the inhospitable deserts of Africa, to the ravaged cities of Rome. Travel by foot or by boat, unravel the occult mysteries of Ancient Egypt or barter different commodities in the cosmopolitan capital of Constantinople.

Grab System

Put your enemies against each other... Literally! with the human-shield system, it is possible to use your foes' bodies as a physical barrier against arrows, spears and attacks from the enemies. Or finish them right after.

Made with Godot

Built from the ground up with the new promising open-source engine that is acquiring each time more space in the game industry.


Game Directors: Ramon Gonzalez, Franco Gonzalez, Arthur Gonzalez

Lead Programer: Arthur Gonzalez

Art Director: Franco Gonzalez

Story Director: Ramon Gonzalez


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